Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

We had a mare trying to get to Lanzarote because of the thunder storms. The weather was that bad the pilot tried to land a couple times but the wind was so strong he couldn't land the plane. The flight was so turbulent that people were getting sick around us, we spent about four hours stuck on the plane, the pilot made an emergency landing at Fuerteventura airport, until he could attempt to land in Lanzarote again but it failed, we were then taken to Gran Canaria airport. When we got there it was full of people, even local Spanish news stations were filming because so many flights were cancelled due to the bad weather. In the end we got to spend the night in Gran Canaria, it was great to see another Island apart from almost missing our rescheduled flight for 5am the next morning! When we finally arrived at our hotel in Lanazarote I felt more jet lagged than I did when I flew to New York but we had missed out on a whole day here, so we decided to take a tour to Montanas Del Fuego and Timanfaya Volcano.. the weather surprisingly chirped up and I managed to take some beautiful photos.