Monday, 22 June 2009

Barbie vs. Bratz dolls

I'm gutted that Barbie (Mattel) won their lawsuit against Bratz dolls (MGA Entertainment.)

Mattel accused the Bratz doll creator of stealing the concept from their Barbie doll design, Also the creator of Bratz dolls is a former employee of Mattel who dreamed up the concept of the Bratz dolls whilst working for Mattel, Mattel claim they own the rights to Bratz.

They won their case so will they spin off Bratz dolls as their own or make them extinct?

I grew up being a fan of barbie dolls i had almost everyone, and i see no similarities between Bratz and Barbies, I'm also a fan of the Bratz dolls they come in different races which you rarely get from the blue eyed blond haired Barbie and i don't think they are inappropriate for children. The Bratz doll look isn't trashy, it's modern and as for their makeup! I have seen plenty of girls who do their makeup very similar, as well as myself and i don't have parents in the street asking me to turn away because my makeup is too racy for their child to look at!

Bratz dolls to me look like a 16 or 17 year old girl and the whole controversy over Barbie's body at least the bratz doll body type seems a little more realistic and doesn't look like she has boob implants!