Monday, 7 November 2011

Summer loving..

I went on a little shopping trip and I stumbled across a few adorable and affordable goodies in Matalan. I've been wanting a pair of white linen trousers for ever! But with me being so clumsy I didn't want to splurge on a pair, because it's more than likely I'm going to stain them! So i found these babies for £12!

Flower chain inspired headbands were something of a craze at last years Festivals and they've made a come back this summer! I've spotted similar headbands available at Topshop and Accessorize. Mine were £6 at Matalan, but i got the cream one for £2.50! BARGAIN.
And last but not least my cute Accessorize sandals!

Sad Pals: Animals have rights to

'Speak for those who don't have a voice.'

If I could protect and look after every animal that's in need in this world, I would. There is an astonishing amount of mistreated pets, so many animals are abused and neglected it's impossible to help them all when so many people don't seem to care.

Last month i visited Sad Pals someone I know is moving house and unfortunately the place they were moving to wouldn't allow animals to live on the premises. So reluctantly they had to give their cat up. Sad pals is owned by an elderly lady, who told us stories about how some of the cats happened to end up in Sad pals, the stories moved me to tears. I was so shocked. There were so many cats there that had been rescued from appalling conditions. One of the cats named Winky, came over to me for a fuss, 'she's named Winky because she only has one eye', said the elderly lady and she went on to tell me that when she was a kitten a young child pocked her in the eye with a stick.Winky wasn't the only cat that had lost an eye, some of them had lost their ears and had, had their tails cut off. There were even kittens and pregnant cats that had been found thrown in a bag and left to die but had survived thanks to Sad Pals.

For a twelve year old cat, my cat Daisy is one of the most loved, content and healthy adult cats I've seen in a while. My whole family care for her well-being as she is part of our family. Its not hard to care for an animal but it does take commitment. Every animal needs a home but not every animal gets a good home and it's heartbreaking.

I'm one person, just a teenager and a fashion student from the West Midlands, like many girls when ever i get paid I cant wait to go shopping, I love following and talking about fashion, but every now and then I stumble across a really sad story, that moves me to tears. I need to think about the important things in this world. Fashion speaks for itself, people are aware of fashion. Do I always need to blog about it and help promote a thriving business, that's becoming somewhat of a way of life. I will never understand why people abuse Animals? Why can't we put and end to it? Why is there no end to evil? Accidents happen but those people that have the intention to hurt a helpless animal sicken me, it's disturbing. I should not need to remind you that life is precious and we do not have the right to play god.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Achieving Goals & The Next Chapter.

I've been offered a place at University to study Fashion Studies Business and Marketing!

I last wrote about how i was called in for a interview. I always knew i wanted to go to University, but when i decided to take a gap year after College, i felt like my Family doubted me. I'm sure some people doubted me, they probably didn't think i was cut out for University, but I just needed the breathing space, to decided where i was going.

Having the year to think really helped me. I started working in retail and i was sure i wanted to work in the fashion industry, but not as a sales assistant. I wanted to be something more, someone involved.. Someone important.

I can now say I'm truly ready to reach the next milestone in my life.. So to everyone starting University or something new, i wish you luck. x

Monday, 25 April 2011

if it's meant to be, it will be.

You seek for approval from parents and friends, but as long as you believe in what your doing your own approval is more than enough. Don't you think?

Last year i was in my final year of College trying to decide what i wanted to do with my life career wise. I then had the idea, that is now my dream, to work in fashion, as a journalist or buyer but in the long run i want to create my own line and open up my own shop. I dreamt up a name that i'd like to call my shop and after that i started to get inspired by different things which led to me designing a few bracelets and hats.

I applied to some Fashion degree courses at Universities like the Manchester Met and London college of Fashion, but with a Media BTEC i didn't get accepted, so i applied for a foundation degree nearer to home and they offered me an interview, telling me to bring a portfolio, because i haven't studied fashion before everything i've designed has been by my own accord, i guess you'd call it a hobby. I decided that if i want to be taken seriously as a Fashion student i cant just have a few sketches, i need to create something, so i did.... here is my first accessory that i designed and created.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bodycon Ebay Dress for £8.99!

Just to let you in on a cheeky little find! I recently stumbled across this bargain on Ebay. This dress is perfect for a night out. With a twist front and cut-out sides, it's a different way to flash a little skin, without being too perverse!

Overall it's a great dress, something different and with so many colours to choose from.. I chose the black version because i wasn't sure how the material would be. I'm not sure if it will appear see through on a lighter colour. Made from viscose and elastane.

Friday, 11 February 2011

My first order from Elf Cosmetics U.K!

Hello guys! I'm getting addicted to shopping online, because there are so many good deals and no pushy sales assistants. I had the worst shopping experience in two shops this Saturday. I was buying gifts for three people. When buying perfume the sales assistant pounced on me, so I told her my budget but then she still tried showing me fragrances well over my budget!?

In the other shop they convinced me to sign up for a card, telling me I'll get discounts, and all this good stuff. I know I'm silly for agreeing. I asked if there was any interest and they told me none what-so-ever, and that it's just a thank you for faithful customers. This was a lie. I instantly regretted this and when i got home i realised they over charged me over +£20, I've worked as a sales assistant and i don't understand how so many mistakes went UN-noticed! Because i signed up for a card i haven't paid for anything yet, so i may have further problems when the bill finally comes. Shopping trips are meant to be fun but they really put me on a downer!

Elf cosmetics U.K
So I've never used Elf cosmetics and I've never ordered makeup online. All Elf products i ordered are from the studio line. I was so impressed with ELF my order came so fast through the post! All the products i ordered were in stock and the packaging is so chic for such an affordable range I'm impressed! The only problem with my order is that the Brush cleanser packaging was a little damp from a slight leak coming from the screw top part of the lid, however the bottle is still full, this could possibly be due to the products not being protected that well.

I'll update on the products or if i have any more problems, in a later post because i haven't tried any of the products yet apart from the Elf studio Minty Lip Gloss in MIAMI, and i love this!

What i ordered:
Studio Makeup mist & set £3.50
Minty Lip Gloss in Miami £3.50
Minty Lip Gloss in Los Angeles £ 3.50
Corrective Concealer £3.50
Complexion Perfection £3.50
Daily Brush Cleaner £3.50

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Small Town vs City fashion

With my Christmas money i bought this fedora hat from Topshop and this was it's first outing. You have to be feeling quite confident to rock the fedora hat on a night out, it's pretty out there. Especially in a small town like the one i live in. I had a few people comment on my hat, most said they loved it.. but i remember one girl asking 'what's with the hat?' as if i was in fancy dress or something. I looked around the room and felt like the odd one out. At the end of the day it's just a hat. So why it attracted so much attention is beyond me. That's why i love the atmosphere in big cities, i know people will be judgemental where ever you go but the dress sense seems much more unique. In the city you can dress pretty much as cookey as you like. Without feeling like you stand out like a sore thumb.