Sunday, 4 March 2012

My 20th Birthday.

So I recently turned 20 years old! Although I hate planning parties, (I'm a party go-er not a party thrower) hoping that people can make that certain day or time, e.t.c.. It's just stress. But I do love birthdays, its a shame it only comes around once a year.. So I believe in making the most out of the day (I've been know to extend my birthday over the whole weekend!)  I love seeing everyone at once, and they come baring gifts! Whats not to love eh?

Here is a little insight into my day through pictures, I always spend my actual birthday with my family and my boyfriend, we'd usually go for a meal.. and the day before or after I'd go for a night out with my friends.

 1 out of 4 Birthday cakes, I'm not even kidding.. this one was special because it was made for me by my little niece..

 Nails done..

Birthday Suit ready.. House of Dereon

 Oh my.. I forgot how good the Urban Decay Primer Potion was. I was also very impressed with the other two products, this Eylure eyelash glue holds well and the L'oreal BB Cream blows the Garnier one (I've used prior) out of the water. I love how it's a white colour until you blend it in to your skin, it matches my skin perfectly, although it could never replace my Mac Studio Fix Fluid, it's a great go-to for those more relaxed days!

 Some gifts off my good friends and the bf..
 How cool are those nail wraps!
The shoes I wore for my Birthday night out..

 So I gave in to the hype... i was really excited for these babies, I didn't bother to take a photo, you've probably seen these shoes a thousand times.
 Random gifts but I'm so strangely into candles right now,  I believe if I can look after it, I can look after a puppy! No hint intended)