Friday, 11 February 2011

My first order from Elf Cosmetics U.K!

Hello guys! I'm getting addicted to shopping online, because there are so many good deals and no pushy sales assistants. I had the worst shopping experience in two shops this Saturday. I was buying gifts for three people. When buying perfume the sales assistant pounced on me, so I told her my budget but then she still tried showing me fragrances well over my budget!?

In the other shop they convinced me to sign up for a card, telling me I'll get discounts, and all this good stuff. I know I'm silly for agreeing. I asked if there was any interest and they told me none what-so-ever, and that it's just a thank you for faithful customers. This was a lie. I instantly regretted this and when i got home i realised they over charged me over +£20, I've worked as a sales assistant and i don't understand how so many mistakes went UN-noticed! Because i signed up for a card i haven't paid for anything yet, so i may have further problems when the bill finally comes. Shopping trips are meant to be fun but they really put me on a downer!

Elf cosmetics U.K
So I've never used Elf cosmetics and I've never ordered makeup online. All Elf products i ordered are from the studio line. I was so impressed with ELF my order came so fast through the post! All the products i ordered were in stock and the packaging is so chic for such an affordable range I'm impressed! The only problem with my order is that the Brush cleanser packaging was a little damp from a slight leak coming from the screw top part of the lid, however the bottle is still full, this could possibly be due to the products not being protected that well.

I'll update on the products or if i have any more problems, in a later post because i haven't tried any of the products yet apart from the Elf studio Minty Lip Gloss in MIAMI, and i love this!

What i ordered:
Studio Makeup mist & set £3.50
Minty Lip Gloss in Miami £3.50
Minty Lip Gloss in Los Angeles £ 3.50
Corrective Concealer £3.50
Complexion Perfection £3.50
Daily Brush Cleaner £3.50

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Small Town vs City fashion

With my Christmas money i bought this fedora hat from Topshop and this was it's first outing. You have to be feeling quite confident to rock the fedora hat on a night out, it's pretty out there. Especially in a small town like the one i live in. I had a few people comment on my hat, most said they loved it.. but i remember one girl asking 'what's with the hat?' as if i was in fancy dress or something. I looked around the room and felt like the odd one out. At the end of the day it's just a hat. So why it attracted so much attention is beyond me. That's why i love the atmosphere in big cities, i know people will be judgemental where ever you go but the dress sense seems much more unique. In the city you can dress pretty much as cookey as you like. Without feeling like you stand out like a sore thumb.