Monday, 25 April 2011

if it's meant to be, it will be.

You seek for approval from parents and friends, but as long as you believe in what your doing your own approval is more than enough. Don't you think?

Last year i was in my final year of College trying to decide what i wanted to do with my life career wise. I then had the idea, that is now my dream, to work in fashion, as a journalist or buyer but in the long run i want to create my own line and open up my own shop. I dreamt up a name that i'd like to call my shop and after that i started to get inspired by different things which led to me designing a few bracelets and hats.

I applied to some Fashion degree courses at Universities like the Manchester Met and London college of Fashion, but with a Media BTEC i didn't get accepted, so i applied for a foundation degree nearer to home and they offered me an interview, telling me to bring a portfolio, because i haven't studied fashion before everything i've designed has been by my own accord, i guess you'd call it a hobby. I decided that if i want to be taken seriously as a Fashion student i cant just have a few sketches, i need to create something, so i did.... here is my first accessory that i designed and created.